Thursday, April 26, 2012

how to tie a tie.

Since my book pertains to latino gangsters and such, I figured I'd share a little trick I know. In Colombia, gangs and cartels have a little intimidation tactic they use on people to scare the shiznit out of their compadres. It's called a Colombian necktie. What it is is your throat is slit, and your tongue is pulled through the wound. I'll teach you how to tie one soon. it originated during the massive Colombian civil and drug wars around 1948. It is mainly used as psychological warfare. It's an absolutely terrifying experience to come across a victim of such execution.

Since I'm Colombian, I know how to tie this tie. For fun, I'll share you my person variation of the necktie.
heres how its done:
1) make a long incision from bottom of the chin down to bottom of the throat through the jugular.
2) make a cut across the throat near the base parallel to the clavicle.
3) make a similar cut where the bottom of the chin meets the top of the throat under the tonsils.
4) third cut is made directly under the chin maybe half an inch back.
5) open the flaps to expose the interior of mouth and throat.
6) cut the little thingy under the tongue so that it hangs loose. essentially break the connection between mouth and tongue.
7) drive a knife through the base of the mouth into the previous incision you made in step 1.
8) forcefully pull tongue down through incisions and let it hang freely.

Use this pic for some type of reference:

Congratulations, you have just tied your first Colombian Necktie.

Hasta luego. Saludos desde El Parche.

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