Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emoticons? :/

 So I was sitting around taking medication for my massive writer's block when a simple question popped in my head. What's the people's opinion  of usage of emoticons as like formal types of punctuation/ usage in like stories and wherever and stuff?

Emoticons are facial expressions depicted by punctuation marks ex :)   :D  :(   :o  . I think they're epic. They're generally used on facebook posts or text messages to imply a feeling or emotion by the writer. I have this crazy idea that has the potential to change the literary world. I'm planning on starting to add emoticons to my school assignment papers and treat them as a formal part of grammar. Pretty awesome huh ;). I hope that implementation of these smiley faces may add a new, interesting twist to the infernal black and white papers I generally write. If I'm lucky, the emoticons will give the reader a better idea of what the character is feeling or what my opinion/outlook is imposing on my emotions/facial expressions.

I dont even know if this going to work at all :P... I'm going to try it anyway and stay optimistic lolz. ;D

Whats your opinion on the usage of emoticons in stories or assignments???????

Is there anything unique that you add to your compositions? Please share with me... 8)

Links for the soul

Since I am suffering from an epidemic of writer's block, I'm just going to take the easy way out of things and post a few links. :)

The best Website EVER!!!!     This is the official website for the book. Enjoy.

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Animoto by a friend  My homie Cody Zamora delivered on this one!

Links make my head hurt... where's my aleve when I need it....   oh here it is.... I guess I can keep going now........

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 Wikipedia is amazing

The ethical dilema in Theodore Boone's mind.

Theodore Boone is having to make a difficult decision. There is a murder case going on where the suspect, whom is guilty, is about to get away. One of his friend's brother is a crucial witness that has information that could turn the case around. One problem, the witness is an illegal immigrant and doesnt want to come forth in fear of being deported. Theodore must pick: Bring his friend's brother forth as a witness and risk him being deported, but expose the suspect, or not bring the witness and keep him safe from the authorities, but let the suspect get away with murder.

I would personally tell the witness to come forth because after the trial, there will be no way to get justice imposed on the murderer. It will be risky, and it will be hard to convince the witness to place his life in America on the line. I don't want anyone to get away with murder, unless it's me...

In my opinion, I think Theodore handled this situation very professionally. He ensured that the judge would come to know that there was a mistrial, which would prevent the suspect from getting away, and at the same time keep the witness from being arrested. Nicely done on his part.

I am positive that everyone has had to deal with a situation of this caliber, so now I ask you this: What would you do in this situation?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer By John Grisham

In my opinion, books are best when they're written to provide the reader with an enjoyable story that my provoke fluctuation in the emotions of the reader, or bless the reader with an experience they wont forget. Theodore Boone isnt the best in provoking emotional stress, but it provided me with an enjoyably story that had me flying through the book like I do at the local buffet. It feels great regressing to casual books from the annoying high school curriculum books that tend to give me a rash in my brain. The best quality of this book is its easy readability. Grisham implements suspense which kept up the velocity of my reading and prevented deceleration. There was not a single point in time where I felt the desire to stop reading. There was only one point where the book fell short of satisfactory. The ending wasn't as climactic as I expected it to be. Grisham's closing was o.k. by my standards, but I was hoping for a more dramatic finale.

Here's a few links that might interest you about the book:
Review by the LA Times

This book is great for people who are looking for a simple read that satisfies. Good plot + good characters + good work on the part of the author = good book. You should read it :)

A question to my audience: What should I read next?