Thursday, September 29, 2011


So i'm supposed to add a number of websites that relate to the book. ... ...    ...  ... Great... Where to start...
The people who helped get Lava out of the country.
A summary of the book.
another, smaller summary.
i'm sorry, but i just cant stop laughing at the website title to actually write something. just click the dang link, its actually kinda good.
An article about recent deployment of the lava dogs.
Organization created to aid the families of wounded or fallen service members, of which the author is executive director of.
Lava Dogs' website.

I found this on a bumper sticker lol.


beautiful isnt it. i wish we could add arrogance to the mix.

Book Conclusion

So i have finally finished From Baghdad, With Love and i am actually happy to say that i am satisfied, which is simply due to the fact that i'm not annoyed, frustrated, or or absolutely infuriated like i am with most other books im forced to read, cough* a tale of two cities cough* cough*. i chose this book simply because when i opened it to a random page, the 1st three words were explosion, rpg, and firefight. i went into this book hoping for a violent, action packed novel. thats not what this book is about. there was just enough action  to fill my blood thirst, but this book was overall an actually real story about a marine in Iraq that had a personal connection to a dog and tried his hardest to take it out of the war zone and bring it home with him. my satisfaction was found in how this was a first hand account of what was happening over in the middle east. it provided a perspective of what's really behind the news headlines. im sorry but i didnt really care that much about the dog, but the author's description of the situation and the actual setting are what interested me, but i was fascinated about how so many people worked so hard to get this little puppy out of a war ridden country. overall this is an ok read in my opinion. i think of this book as more of a short, minor memoir instead of  teen literature. A dog person would probably enjoy the book more than i did, but all in all, it was actually worth reading.

Hopefully i will also be posting a vlog shortly about my response to the book.  

wow...     i actually took something seriously for a change.... 8P

Thursday, September 22, 2011

(insert title here)

The Priest of Pain is known as such because he preaches the truth no one wants to hear. Thats why its called the UGLY TRUTH.

Behold the justification for lying.

In Depth

"I was once told my sense of thought was 'deep'. ... ... ... Yeah about as deep as the shallow end of the kiddie pool thats got a bunch of absent minded 8 year olds doggy paddling around in it." - The Priest of Pain

Thursday, September 15, 2011

politics from a 12 yr old mind.

so i just recently saw the republican debate and it was quite interesting. in my opinion it was just a massive fail.     1) the CEO of Godfather's Pizza is    Do we Get free pizza to feed the hungry?
2) it seemed to be a massive roast of the Texas governor.     
3) i dont think the republicans have a plan... they just go along with their drift of "Get Rid of Obamacare!!!".
4) a classmate once said, "Its not politics, its just a bunch of stupidity and white people."  .. .... im starting to believe him.
5) at this point i dont think anyone really has a plan for fixing our current situation.

Oh well. Looks like this country is in trouble....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

question of the day.

"Have you ever wondered why cherish rhymes with perish?"- The Priest of Pain

Friday, September 2, 2011


these are some pictures that i believe pertain to the book.

The author

The Lava Dogs




and the next day.


Vohne Liche Kennels

Remembering them.

Lava Comes to his new home.


Lava Dogs on patrol.