Tuesday, November 29, 2011

looking back.

So I have just received my grade for my 1st quarter blog. Its absolutely terrible and its safe to say that I got the lowest grade in the junior class. If anyone has actually read my blog, then they know that I deserve it. Even I'll admit it. I didn't put proper effort into creation of this blog. I didn't do most of what the teacher asked of me. For this second quarter, I intend of applying myself a little more along the lines of the rubric and accomplishing the set tasks instead of meandering around my own pointless ideas. I also intend on taking all the stupid trash out of my blog. Its time for a massive overhaul.

My attitudes on blogging? I have probably the most enthusiastic outlook on the concept. Its a turn away from the normal three page papers and I'm an advocate for variety and change. I love this assignment. Problem is, I took it the wrong way, hence the FAIL.

Now for my second book. I havent picked out a new book yet, but I'm thinking along the lines of: Around the World in 80 Days, Shipbreaker, or Theodore Boone, Kid lawyer. I'm leaning toward Kid Lawyer because now that the football season is almost over, I'll have the time I usually needed to recover from my war wounds in my pocket to spend on reading. You can expect a serious, well thought out blog for the most part unless my immaturity get in my way again. (Insert smiley face here).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A question to the audience.

Imagine you had eighty days to circumnavigate the world. you are at no rush in your goal. Where would you go? what places would you visit? Intrigue me with what you would like to do in an 80 day tour around the world?

This should be interesting and fun.

I hope someone actually replies for a change.....

An outlook on the 21st century english classroom.

What are your feelings towards the inclusion of activities such blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and interstate school interaction? How do these methods enhance your understanding of the text?

I think its a great idea. Why not take advantage of modern technology? It gives students the ability to publish their work where their peers, along with the rest of the world, can access it. It is also a completely different concept within the English classroom. All of my classmates and I have essentially grown up only reading books and writing papers in English class. The opportunity to do something completely different such as blog is a revolutionary concept of which we embrace. It gives us the liberty to step out of the generic classroom and allows us to experiment with these new activities. Blogging gives us the freedom to write in our own style, about whatever we want to write about (with limitations. This still is English class), and at whatever pace we determine.

Interstate interaction has been going on for like forever. Remember the Pen Pals concept? Its nothing particularly new. It allows us to communicate with students who may not think the same we do, and open opportunities to be exposed to different styles of thought from people our age. The other school contributes to our knowledge, and we contribute to theirs. Sadly, I haven't witnessed much direct interaction between the schools. Its been more of a passive interaction, where we aren't really directly acting on one another. It needs to be where we are actively engaging, and I mean ENGAGE, in what one another writes and discuss it with a passion. That's where you take full advantage of this ability to communicate with other schools. It takes more than a couple of posts and comments by an irrelevant third party for communication to be considered a discussion. There must be an exchange of ideas, points of view, philosophies and such and such. Imagine an internet, interstate debate where there is literally  massive gathering of people examining one another's ideas and discussing about the subject matter profusely, constantly learning from each single word casted into the fury of debate. This is where we learn... just like in the Greek or Roman forums or whatever....

How do these methods enhance our understanding of the text?  Shoot I dont know. Why are you asking me? I haven't been witness to an obvious or even subliminal change in understanding of content. No one has told me that this method of working and study help them understand the book better. It hasn't happened to me either, but thats probably because the past few books I have read I decided to shoot out of the literary "cannon"... literally.... the books kinda exploded against the target at the range I went to. But coming back to the actual discussion at hand, I'm not too sure if using blogging will actually help us understand the book more. It makes us approach the book differently than a book report does, so I think that's better. It may also provoke a sense of desire and enthusiasm students generally dont have, and that will definitely help. Only time will tell if these new methods will improve our comprehension.

 This has been your favorite English class troll with an actually, and surprisingly serious post.  Until next time.... whenever that will be.... I hear the economy is in crisis and the government is in trouble. I might have to take a break to go instill some common sense and solutions up in capitol hill, so I might delay in my posts. By the way, I gave up on writing in Spanish; Google Translate is pressing charges.... I think.... but anyway. Until next time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Time for quarter numero dos!!!! [ENGLISH REMIX]

What’s up YAAALLLLL?????? I return with a new book to review. Its called Around the World in 8o Days by Jules Verne.  That’s why I’m writing in Spanish (LOLZZZ I'm actually writing in English :) ). Its because it’s a book around the world. So to add something special to my blog, I’m going to write in Spanish for the rest of the quarter.

 (If you haven't noticed... this is the English REMIX of this post.)

Now for the book…  I picked this book because I saw the movie with the ninja Jackie Chan and that fascinated me. Because of the movie, I have high expectations for the book. For this past week, I’ve been reading the first few parts and it has reached my requirements. There still isn’t anything special or stupendous but the book is worth my time and I’m content. I hope there are some jokes or something that makes me laugh because YOOUUUU KNOWWW that laughing is good for your life and health and I also like jokes…. DUUUUHHHHH

100 Points to whoever finds the reference to Mox from WDF.

Until next time.

this is soooo much easier than writing in spanish.