Monday, January 23, 2012

I like soup, but this SOPA is nasty.

Since Theodore Boone is regarding the law, I'm going to talk about something in relation to legal legislature.

The government is trying to censor the internet. The Stop Online Piracy Act is an attempt by the government to essentially enforce copyright laws against website originating outside the U.S.. They plan to accomplish this by blocking advertising and requesting removal of the site from search engines, as well as payment sites (Paypal) from doing business with the site. If a site contains copyright material, SOPA is trying to shut it down.

You know all the copyright infringements that occur on Youtube daily?? That means Youtube would be dropped in a heartbeat. We all know that no one can live without Youtube. Dont even get me started on Facebook. Facebook would be taking heat like an oven. It would be shut down. That would probably lead to mass world anarchy or something.

In my opinion, this is just a bad idea. From an economic/political/whatever you wanna call it standpoint, SOPA will give rival production companies the ability to try to shut each other down. Also, if there is an inquisition of all sites granting access to a specific material, then the creator will probably be capable of creating a monopoly when it comes to accessing the content. If you want to see a movie preview, Youtube wont be allowed to have it, so you'll have to go directly to the origin, which means more hassle and strain on finding what you want. A flaw has been noted as well. If a domain name is shut down, it will come back within hours with a different name. Essentially, SOPA is just getting in the way.

From a personal perspective, I cant take SOPA. I need my pirated stuff. I'm not going to pay $1.29 for a song that I can get for free, especially because I'm a 16 year old without an income. You may say that its only $1, but you don't need about 5000 songs like I do. The beauty of the internet is quick, easy, broad, and generally free access to whatever the hell you want. I need that access just like most of the world. I can be having the websites I need getting shut down.

What's your opinion on this SOPA thing???

Here is a link to an article about SOPA

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm desperate for Ideas.

We have been granted the liberty of free speech. We can discuss what we want. So now I ask you, my readers,


Court is in session!!!!!

Here we go, third quarter. Time for me to read a book... yay. I have selected a book by the name of Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, by John Grisham.

Quick synopsis: Theodore Boone is like obsessed with the law. He spends heavy amounts of time at the courthouse viewing cases and dreaming of his future as a star lawyer. His high enthusiasm quickly gets him deeply involved in a local murder case....
Essentially this is an awesome mystery book.

So I have read roughly 50% of the book so far, and this is probably the 1st time I am actually enthusiastic about reading this book. Murder trials and mysteries tickle my interests and Grisham did a good job of captivating my attention. This book is so easy to read I literally just fly through the pages. I find no internal burden or struggle when I open the book. It's been a long time since I read a book i didn't have to force myself to pick up, or slit my wrists after I had put it down, and its relieving I found one that I actually enjoy for a change.
This book is amazingly entertaining. Who doesn't love the tension and mystery of murder trials? This book flows easily and keeps me on my toes, happy, and from breaking out the literary cannon....  I just really like fiction novels like this and I can easily see myself returning to Grisham whenever I'm finished with this book. The one thing I like most is how a young 13 year old has the character and genius to be like a prodigy lawyer. I enjoy debates and arguments because they're a warfare of wits, and seeing a young kid who is good at being a lawyer is impressive. I wish I had the audacity and cleverness to out wit anyone...

Well, I need to go read this book more, so now I leave you with a question: What's your favorite mystery???