Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rules of attraction.

Guess what my new book is going to be!!! It's Rules of Attraction yaaaaaaaay!!! I have no idea why I',m reading this book. I came to the conclusion that all of the books I hadn't read were absolute crud. I picked this book because I just want to throw all caution to the mainstream wind and read whats "popular"... People say this is a good book and I heavily doubt it. I dont even have an interest in this book beyond the inclusion of drugs. I wonder how this will go. If reading this throws me into a depression and makes me commit suicide again, I'm pressing charges.... :)

Initial preliminary thoughts: Why am I doing this???    :/

Secondary preliminary thoughts: I need to stay away from the tequila mix... I'm actually starting to read books now... :P

Tertiary Preliminary thoughts: So I didn't read the book that came before this one but I honestly dont really give a rat's beezwax about this book. According to the holy bible of wikipedia, Rules of Attraction is about some insanely promiscuous, drunk, pot-head, gangster college students that have like a love triangle or something going on. I not very keen on love, since it doesnt exist, or triangles (geometry is for squares... get it :D); but the drugs, alcohol, and gangs remind me of when I was growing up in the barrios of Colombia. Let me tell you a funny story about love. I have a wristband that says love on it. I was babysitting a seven year old and he comes up to me and asks "why do you have a love wristband?" I respond, "When you get my age, you'll understand." Guess what he says next... "Theres nothing to understand. Love only exists in the movies... you should know that.". Just goes to show what modern society is doing to the children. The world needs to stop getting drunk all the time, put down it's weed pipe, and start spreading the love, because the way it seems, It's running out of one of it's strongest natural resources.

What's your opinion on love and what does it mean to you?

You know what I prefer to Rules of Attraction... The rules of engagement.... and they need to be changed to fire at will.... I have beau-coup hostiles right now that I need to eliminate....

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  1. Hi from Fremd High School. I read Rules of Attraction and honestly I liked Perfect Chemistry a lot more. The Rules of Attraction was just a worse version of Perfect Attraction. I never really liked the main girl.