Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sparknotes... shocking isnt it???

So I have recently been introduced to a website by the name of I must say this website is just so beautifully useful. Its essentially a compilation of study tools for books, as well as plentiful information about any book that you can access when you dont have the time to actually read whole passages, want a preview of it, or want info on a book you particularly dont want to read, especially when you're required to read it for a class. It includes summaries of the book, each chapter, characters, themes, plot, and important things to take note of. its essentially a cheat sheet for modern day English students. Any key piece of information is right where you can find it easily. There is a massive collection of books on the site and its all at the disposal of the people. I wish i had knowledge of this website back when I was reading A Tale of Two Cities and The Scarlet Letter. I wouldn't actually have to suffer through hundreds of pages of    :P.....    :( .....    uugghhh......      X(..... I would have also probably known more and gotten better grades on my tests of the books. This is what makes the website just so amazing. you dont have to read everything; just bits that give a complete understanding of what happens in the books.

Now although this website has wonderful potential, you just cant replace a book (especially if its good) with passionless notes... (unless you have a good enough excuse ;)   ). Its not the same experience. the author wants you to have a wonderful, moving experience as you flip through the pages, and notes just cant match the artistry and passion carved into the pages of the book itself. The writer wants you to read the words in the book because those are the words that they chose, and they put them there for a reason; for your enjoyment and learning. The writer doesn't want their work to be so easily replaced by simple notes that they didn't intend for you to read. Along with that, if its a goooooooood book, like the kind that drills through your sensitivity and manipulates your emotions and feelings, why would you pass up the chance to experience it? Its like listening to a 10 second sample of the most amazing song ever instead of the song itself. It just doesn't have the soul and force that makes you... move. The way I put it is that substituting the actual book for sparknotes is like taking the passion, feel, momentum, experience, imagery, imagination, creativity, and uniqueness of a book, crumpling it up and just reading the stupid words on the soulless paper... or in this case webpage...

Besides, its kinda disrespectful to the writer... how dare you replace their hard work they composed for you, and just passing it on your way to read the BS edition some person created on the website...


  1. Woah...this is really awesome Angel. For one, I really like this new font, it automatically brought an interest to this by making it look unique and just plain cool. During the first paragraph, I wasn't sure if you actually knew what this post was supposed to be, but I still found it really funny, along with just being a really good summary of the pros for sparknotes. (The :P..... :(....., etc. actually made me laugh out loud. xD)After the humorous and informative first paragraph, you properly transitioned into why it truly can't replace a good book. Not only did you explain how it takes away the emotions and disrespects the author, but made a really good comparison to music. Your writing style not only gets your point across but shows your personality. I know that we're supposed to be critical and give advice, but to be honest, I don't have anything to say. This was just really, really good. I suppose you could've brought the book you're reading into it, but I don't think it would've made it any better.

  2. @ Mayna Tyrrell
    i was being completely serious in the first paragraph. sparknotes has an amazing potential to help students understand books, much more than this blog concept. usage of this site will be in my near future.

    yeah, most people generally dont have much to say. especially me.

    the book i'm reading is irrelevant when i'm discussing sparknotes. besides, i dont intend on actually incorporating much of the book into anything.