Tuesday, November 29, 2011

looking back.

So I have just received my grade for my 1st quarter blog. Its absolutely terrible and its safe to say that I got the lowest grade in the junior class. If anyone has actually read my blog, then they know that I deserve it. Even I'll admit it. I didn't put proper effort into creation of this blog. I didn't do most of what the teacher asked of me. For this second quarter, I intend of applying myself a little more along the lines of the rubric and accomplishing the set tasks instead of meandering around my own pointless ideas. I also intend on taking all the stupid trash out of my blog. Its time for a massive overhaul.

My attitudes on blogging? I have probably the most enthusiastic outlook on the concept. Its a turn away from the normal three page papers and I'm an advocate for variety and change. I love this assignment. Problem is, I took it the wrong way, hence the FAIL.

Now for my second book. I havent picked out a new book yet, but I'm thinking along the lines of: Around the World in 80 Days, Shipbreaker, or Theodore Boone, Kid lawyer. I'm leaning toward Kid Lawyer because now that the football season is almost over, I'll have the time I usually needed to recover from my war wounds in my pocket to spend on reading. You can expect a serious, well thought out blog for the most part unless my immaturity get in my way again. (Insert smiley face here).

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