Thursday, December 8, 2011

A review on Around the World in 80 Days.

My time with this book has come to a close. I'm unhappy to say that, thanks to library policy, I was unable to finish the book. Of what I read of it, I wasn't the most amused, although it isn't the worst composition I've read. I didn't find anything wrong with the book, its just that I expected more of it. I expected humor, adventure, action, and something to give the book its own unique vibe. The book didn't have much motion and was really plain. It was just a bit too simple for my personal taste, but it has potential for being a good read for people who like this kind of book. The characters within don't really have anything special or unique about them, and the plot is very realistic in comparison to the time period. I really expected Mr. Fogg to be a CHARACTER but apparently he isn't. By character i mean someone who has an outstanding personality. The kind of personality that is a rarity as you don't get to meet very many people with that same style in your life. Mr Fogg is honestly just a really punctual guy to the point of it almost annoying me. The storyline is essentially the characters just traveling around. Its not the dramatic race against time i expected, and hoped it would be. Overall I felt this book was good because I could read it without having the want to kick it out of a window. I wish I had the time to finish it. I would have probably been able to appreciate it more.

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