Monday, November 21, 2011

Time for quarter numero dos!!!! [ENGLISH REMIX]

What’s up YAAALLLLL?????? I return with a new book to review. Its called Around the World in 8o Days by Jules Verne.  That’s why I’m writing in Spanish (LOLZZZ I'm actually writing in English :) ). Its because it’s a book around the world. So to add something special to my blog, I’m going to write in Spanish for the rest of the quarter.

 (If you haven't noticed... this is the English REMIX of this post.)

Now for the book…  I picked this book because I saw the movie with the ninja Jackie Chan and that fascinated me. Because of the movie, I have high expectations for the book. For this past week, I’ve been reading the first few parts and it has reached my requirements. There still isn’t anything special or stupendous but the book is worth my time and I’m content. I hope there are some jokes or something that makes me laugh because YOOUUUU KNOWWW that laughing is good for your life and health and I also like jokes…. DUUUUHHHHH

100 Points to whoever finds the reference to Mox from WDF.

Until next time.

this is soooo much easier than writing in spanish.