Friday, October 28, 2011


The Priest of Pain said...on Michael Wilkinson's Blog
i cant wait to see your new blog for this quarter. your style of vocab choice is... appealing. dont drop the jokes. theyre funny. it'll be interesting to see how you apply your sense of humor to Langston Hughes. 
The Priest of Pain said... on Leslie Burke's Blog
youre a genius. its time to unscrew your bottle of creativity and hammer it into the blog. yes its true that the blog prompts are too much like school assignments, but you gotta just make the most of it. when you finish this book, please tell how this book was because im thinking about it for third quarter. i expect great things from you homie. good luck.
The Priest of Pain said... on Pierre McCauley's blog
its just so much fun when procrastination gets in your way. i know how you feel. i like the way you describe procrastination as leading you to have gray hairs. i always thought frustration causes wrinkles but i guess im wrong. the analogy you make of procrastination to your results is so true. i should start listening to you more. didnt i tell you that thing about this book being exactly like Twilight except with necromancers? if its not like twilight then whats it like? id like to know. to me it doesnt seem anything different. id like to see what your genius can cook up in your next few posts. i hope its entertaining.

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