Thursday, October 6, 2011

Un vlog sobre mi libro.

(agregue video aqui)

Este video esta oficiado por el pirata Pete.

This was filmed after i had just recently finished busting a cap with my lazer gat.


  1. Hi Angel, or should I say, "Priest of Pain." I was drawn in by the fancy colors and flashing lights of your vlog. Why you chose to film at an arcade baffles me, but I know it's some subtle form of genius that is beyond my comprehension. Your overall charm is undeniable in this vlog. You have great potential for a good blog here. However, the rest of your blog looks unfinished. The comments section especially looks like you didn't put much work into it. I say this because I see your potential for a good blog based on this vlog. Maybe put a little more time into it and you could have a pretty snappy blog here.

  2. @ Brandon Blewett

    the reason its filmed in an arcade is due to the pure luck that Pierre has a droid thats only good for making videos and he told me this while we were at the arcade.