Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer By John Grisham

In my opinion, books are best when they're written to provide the reader with an enjoyable story that my provoke fluctuation in the emotions of the reader, or bless the reader with an experience they wont forget. Theodore Boone isnt the best in provoking emotional stress, but it provided me with an enjoyably story that had me flying through the book like I do at the local buffet. It feels great regressing to casual books from the annoying high school curriculum books that tend to give me a rash in my brain. The best quality of this book is its easy readability. Grisham implements suspense which kept up the velocity of my reading and prevented deceleration. There was not a single point in time where I felt the desire to stop reading. There was only one point where the book fell short of satisfactory. The ending wasn't as climactic as I expected it to be. Grisham's closing was o.k. by my standards, but I was hoping for a more dramatic finale.

Here's a few links that might interest you about the book:
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This book is great for people who are looking for a simple read that satisfies. Good plot + good characters + good work on the part of the author = good book. You should read it :)

A question to my audience: What should I read next?

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