Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emoticons? :/

 So I was sitting around taking medication for my massive writer's block when a simple question popped in my head. What's the people's opinion  of usage of emoticons as like formal types of punctuation/ usage in like stories and wherever and stuff?

Emoticons are facial expressions depicted by punctuation marks ex :)   :D  :(   :o  . I think they're epic. They're generally used on facebook posts or text messages to imply a feeling or emotion by the writer. I have this crazy idea that has the potential to change the literary world. I'm planning on starting to add emoticons to my school assignment papers and treat them as a formal part of grammar. Pretty awesome huh ;). I hope that implementation of these smiley faces may add a new, interesting twist to the infernal black and white papers I generally write. If I'm lucky, the emoticons will give the reader a better idea of what the character is feeling or what my opinion/outlook is imposing on my emotions/facial expressions.

I dont even know if this going to work at all :P... I'm going to try it anyway and stay optimistic lolz. ;D

Whats your opinion on the usage of emoticons in stories or assignments???????

Is there anything unique that you add to your compositions? Please share with me... 8)


  1. I really love how you set this up. Emoticons make everything so much more meaningful. They've become a huge part of how we communicate with others. I probably use over 100 smiley faces daily. While we can't really use them while blogging, they're still important for social networking and texting your friends. I wish we were able to use them for assignments but then I think our work would lose it's credibility. Sometimes it's better to not mix pleasure with play.

    1. It's just me trying to stay optimistic and :) more because I heard smiling prevents wrinkles.
      If it weren't for me and my infernal smiley faces, I'd probably be spending English class crying and eating ice cream thinking about last nights episode of Tyra Banks... ;)

  2. Hey I'm Lauren Priebe from Fremd High School. I think that's actually a really neat idea and totally different because some people say we are losing our true grammar, but to me, this way is enhancing it! It is hard to show emotion sometimes while writing and emoticons help dipect how someone is feeling at a certain time! I think you should definitely try to use them on papers and see how people react! (: PS I love the Tyra Banks show(;

  3. The question would be if you wanted emoticons after every sentence :/ If you wanted a sentence to be intentionally vague so the reader would have to guess, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the mystery if the author's intent is displayed at the end :O Also, it would get really messy using emoticons with parentheses and other punctuation marks (I mean, how are you supposed to use them with parenthetical statements? :)) <--just looks weird, whereas (how's this? :) <--looks half-formed -_-