Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starting Hamlet

Today we begin Hamlet. From what I've heard, Hamlet is a darn good play. Having previously witnessed Shakespeare's work, I'm confident that I'll enjoy Hamlet.

I've been given a series of questions to discuss/answer so I'll choose a few and begin this here pre-reading work.

1) How common do you think the act of revenge is in everyday life?
- Well, It can actually be quite common, especially in my life. You see, I play football for my high school, and practices and games can get pretty rough. Your opponent is always trying to humiliate you and defeat you. Should the worst come, you get beat. That's when the drive to get redemption and get back at your opponent starts to boil in your muscles. Trust me, I don't get beat very often, but when I do, I get my revenge, and my opponents don't really appreciate it. Besides, there's always the little jokes and pranks kids play on each other in the lunchroom and start these little joke wars against each other to get their revenge. Revenge can be quite common, it's just dependent on the opportunities to seek, and enact revenge.

2) Have you ever witnessed some kind of supernatural being?
- I honestly think my basement's haunted... I've seen stuff get thrown around, things knocked off tables, and heard subtle, yet conspicuous noises. Have I ever seen a ghost? No. Do I believe in the supernatural? Yes. The reason I believe in he supernatural is because I've seen chilling evidence of it, and it's better to believe in something so that when it does become truth, you wont be taken by surprise. besides, witchcraft is kinda cool actually. There's a secret book about witchcraft sitting in a dark corner of my school library. I read it one time and I think it placed a curse on me or something... oh well.

3)Are you a "thinker or a "doer"? What would you like to be?
- I'm the kind of person that thinks about doing things, but I never actually do anything about it... It's kinda depressing now that I think about it. I would like to be a person that can think and do. The kind of person that can determine what needs to be done and have the capacity and drive to actually do it. That would reeeaaallllyyy help a lot in my life.

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