Monday, August 29, 2011

Whats Good My Homies.

Ay whats up my g's. My name is Angel Agrawal. you may address me as the Priest of Pain or Gargoyle if you wish. I am a junior at CCHS. I work for a world class organization by the name of CCHS football, and all we do is dominate. I play football obviously, tennis, rugby, soccer, and my favorite sport: paintball. I absolutely love music. I play for Illinois's finest high school band, CCHS Marching Terriers. My DJ name is DJ Chuzo. My favorite types of music are house, electro-house, progressive-house, deep house, Deadmau5, Mau5step, Dubstep, 1 step 2 step. I try to have a positive attitude and positive personality. the way i look at life is to enjoy childhood and cherish and embrace free spirit and mild immaturity, but also be mature and adult when required. I'm friendly and i think i have friends.... i think....   . Its hard to describe myself. Personality isn't something easily put in words. But insults are. I can be an extremely aggressive and rude writer if i feel up to it. Ive coined the term Literary destruction to describe my writing style. i also have a tendency to write ina conversational manner. By the way, i made up my own character involved in every story i write: Philmo Philmak. i dont write about him much anymore because I'm busy observing my takeover of the world, and writing this here blog.

 So the purpose of this blog, as required by my teacher is a blog about a book im reading. but my secret reason for having this blog is to just write straight up about anything and everything. but anyway I'm mandated by the school to stay on topic. Im reading a book called From Baghdad, With Love by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman and Melinda Roth. 

Book Cover

I chose this book because the description of it on the list of books i had to choose from that wasnt absolute FAIL. Plus when i opened the book, the first words i read were RPG, bullets whizzing, screaming, dead bodies. I love combat and this book was appealing to me.... besides im not going to read a BS version of Twilight except with necromancers, or some stuff about teenage girls and drama wannabe trash stuff.... i dont like modern teen literature. Its too... whats the word... teen...   ...   ... it still sucks and i dont like it.

i have been asked what i want to blog about. answer: something interesting please. no trash. i dont like boring trash. no copy and paste or dumb stuff. something that makes me think like a philosopher. philosophy is fun. topics of which interact with current events might also seem appealing.

thats all for today mi gente.

on a final note, i shall add my own quote.

"Every one is equal. But only in Death."

by the way go check out my bro Leslie Burke's blog. its like total $wagg.


  1. Very good explanation on your biography. I feel that you really showed your personality through your writing. I feel that your future blogs will be just as entertaining as this one has been. I think you chose a very good book that fits your personality. I can tell that you are a total gun and war head and this book seems to have plenty of that in it.

  2. I'm glad you oppose "teen literature" as much as I do. I'm following your blog because I'm reading all the classics on the list, but I would still like to see how this book turns out, as most people claim it's really good.

    "but my secret reason for having this blog is to just write straight up about anything and everything". Don't worry, the entire world (including myself) will keep your secret! Also, thank you for sharing your favorite genres of music, I might have to do some looking into those.

  3. So, I'm sitting here deciding how critical to be. Might as well start by dissecting your personality and completely not so relevant information. 1. CCHS football isn't world class. Just needed to get that out of the way. Now, I suppose I should be relevant. I agree totally with everything from your personality down. Most of the books on the list weren't the best and teen lit sucks. Granted, if I disagreed with you, you probably wouldn't be my mate. And I'll probably be reading your book next, so make a good summary.

  4. This is definitely the most interesting first blog I've read out of anybody's. Your writing definitely brings out your personality best, and the fact that you're actually into writing in this blog is pretty neat. I find that the vast majority of students only post the once-a-week assignments. In the sense of what an actual blog would be like, I feel that you really got yourself out there in this first blog. On the other hand, in respect to how Mrs. Hayes wants these to be set up, I feel like not enough time was spent talking about the book and what you would like to discuss about the book. From the cover of the book, it doesn't seem like too much of a teen lit book, which I suppose is what you were aiming for. Although I'm not sure EXACTLY what the book's about, I get the feeling it's pretty deep and moving. I hope to see really awesome and personal connections later!

  5. @ Mayna Tyrrell- its not, or barely even a teen lit book, hence the reason i chose it.

  6. @ Michael Steele- its a good book, but knowing you, you wouldnt be satisfied as not very many people die and it has absolutely no gore.